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10/5/2015 – Mind Change chapters 9-14

This week we continue with Mind Change, reading chapters 9 through 14.

Students: Post your comment on this entry by 5pm on Monday the 5th.



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9/28/2015 – Mind Change Preface and chapters 1-8

This week we begin our discussion of Susan Greenfield’s Mind Change: How Digital Technologies Are Leaving Their Mark on Our Brains. You should read the Preface and chapters 1-8 for Monday’s discussion.

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9/21/2015 – Overview and introductions

Welcome to Symsys 201!

The first class session is an introduction to the course (the material presented) and to the class (the people taking the course and the contingent facts about this instance of it).

NOTE: If you are on the waiting list for the class, you must attend the session to maintain your position on the waiting list. The class size is limited to 20. There are currently four students on the waiting list.

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Update: Here is a photo of the chalkboard at the end of this session. showing the events and phenomena we identified as important in each of the past 8 and a half decades:


Photo of chalkboard at the end of class on 9/21/2015 – Symsys 201, showing the events and phenomena the class identified as important in each decade from the 1930s through the present decade.


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