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10/26/2015 – The Black Box Society chapters 4-6

This week we conclude our discussion of The Black Box Society.

NOTE: The reading is a little longer than usual this week, so you should allow extra time to finish it.

Please be ready to state which book you are reading for the student presentations at the end of the quarter.

Comment lengths are restricted to 300 words or less.



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10/19/2015 – The Black Box Society chapters 1-3

This week we read the first three chapters of Frank Pasquale’s The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms That Control Money and Information.

Students in the class should come to class with a preliminary idea of what book they would like to present during the last two sessions. Think also about back-up ideas in case we have a conflict over a book title. Suggested books for student presentations are listed by topic on the course website.

Once more:

UPDATE: The word limit for comments has been increased to 300 words or less.


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10/12/2015 – Mind Change chapters 15-20

This week we conclude the discussion of Mind Change.


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