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12/7 – Student Presentations II

Our last session runs from 7-10pm, our allotted final exam time, on Monday, December 7. Blog comments are due at 5pm, and can cover one or more of the assigned excerpts. Here is the schedule for the session, with assigned excerpts linked:

7:00 Kim Stolz, Unfriending My Ex

7:20 Whitney Phillips, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

7:40 Lydia Bright, The Ugly Face of Facebook

8:00 Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg, Modern Romance [read excerpt from back to front]

8:20 BREAK

8:25 Daniel J. Levitin, The Organized Mind

8:45 Michael Lewis, Flash Boys  excerpt1  excerpt2

9:05 Kentaro Toyama, Geek Heresy

9:25 Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, Inventing the Future  (footnotes)

9:45 WRAP-UP II (done at 10pm)



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